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The Uncaging

   When five year old Shelley Robins vanishes from her home in the middle of the night, her mother is charged with murder and taken to prison. Six years later, when Shelley reappears unharmed, the whole town must navigate the strange behavior of the young girl, the wrongful imprisonment of a mother, and the fear that the kidnapper is striking again.  


     Shelley's devoted older sister, Sasha, determines to do whatever it takes to keep Shelley safe. The Uncaging is a story of the trauma we hide, the ways we cope, and the lengths we go to to protect our family. 

Read the prologue.

About Meridee

Meridee Jo works in Human Services teaching self-awareness and job readiness classes. She currently lives in Denver, where she spends her free time hiking with her golden retriever and performing improv comedy.


The Uncaging is her first novel.

Excerpts from The Uncaging

"Sasha tried to ask, “What?” but her voice emerged as a roar, the mighty lion and the broken gazelle in one body. She dropped the phone. She ran to her keys and screamed back over her shoulder, “Mom, don’t go anywhere. I’m on my way!” Before she slammed the front door, she could just make out her mother’s sobs through the machine."

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